HRIS : how does it work ?

Published on 02 August 2022
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All companies want to improve their productivity, be more efficient and profitable. This requires a good management of the internal activity in order to ensure an optimized strategy for successful results. The HRIS allows to guarantee a better HR management and a long term performance.


Definition : what is an HRIS ?

The acronym HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System. It is a HRM (Human Resources Management) platform, it gathers several tools on a unique interface. The various HRIS modules evolve and adapt to meet the needs of your business. We also talk about "software bricks", here are some of them :

  • payroll management,
  • administrative management of personnel,
  • training management,
  • schedule management.

The main objective is to manage human resources in an optimal in an optimal way in order to guarantee a better productivity.


Why do we need HRIS ?

As mentioned earlier, by using HRIS, we aim to be more productive. Indeed, we digitalize the processes to gain in efficiency. The information is grouped within this system to save time by practicing automation of tasks.

In addition, HR management is improved thanks to the interaction between the different software. It is becoming easier and easier to work in collaborative mode including interactive dashboards, chat bots, document sharing and more. The different HR functions communicate more easily thanks to the coordination of the whole activity: this is HR optimization.

The implementation of modern digital tools allows to simplify the daily life of employees and to reinforce their performance. It also allows improved monitoring with the dashboards. As well as the empowerment of employees. They can request training themselves, or enter their expenses, for example.

In addition, the use of HRIS software puts people back at the heart of HR management and company strategy.


The different types of HRIS software

There are several several types of of HRIS:

  • SaaS

This is the most common. Indeed, it allows you to benefit from the advantages and functionalities of the HRIS without being the owner of the software, all this in exchange for the payment of a subscription and with an internet connection.

The solution can be installed very quickly because it does not require any web development. This application is fully supported by the editor. Hosting, installation and upgrades : this is a real time saver.


  • On premise

Here, the company buys the license and is therefore the owner of the software. It is installed directly on the company's computer or local network. Hosting is provided internally on the company's servers.


  • ASP

The software is accessible via the Internet but is a downloadable application, hosted by the publisher. The company pays for a license so that the employees can use it. However, it is not possible to link it to other software, this type of HRIS corresponds to the editor more than the software.


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