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Presentation of the offer : work on a contract basis

The technical assistance mode is a contract for the hire of work subject to common law.
It is exclusive of any notion of provision of personnel within the framework of temporary work.

We are present in several sectors: banking & insurance, industry, public services,
transport & logistics, smart city, utilities and service.

We intervene on the whole national territory.


Project management

We have several areas of expertise:

Project manager MOA/ MOE : the project manager is in charge of the functional web project. His objective is to help his client to define his needs and to translate them into a functional specification. Then, the project management translates technically this specification

Project manager : his mission is to manage the project from the design stage to its completion. It ensures that the objectives set are met and that resources are allocated.

PMO : the acronym stands for Project Management Office. This service structures and standardizes all processes in order to optimize project management.

Scrum Master : ensures that the SCRUM Framework and its methodology are respected. He leads and coordinates the SCRUM team. He also organizes the different meetings called sprint.

Service Delivery Manager : is responsible for and ensures the quality of all the company's service contracts. He is responsible for setting up processes and tools to handle customer requests.

Product Owner : ensures customer satisfaction by managing their projects in agile mode and above all by delivering a quality product. He is the link between the marketing and technical teams and the client. It develops the vision of the product.


Business Intelligence / ETL consultant : he proposes to his customers the best Business Intelligence tool in order to help them choose the right decision making tool. It prepares dashboards from the data coming from the different ETLs. It helps leaders make better decisions.

Big Data consultant : he organizes, synthesizes and translates information related to a large amount of data thanks to software designed for this purpose. He or she then passes on these reports to the managers to help them in their decision-making.

Data Scientist : a specialist in statistics, computer science and marketing. It collects, processes and analyzes massive data. It carries out the entire data development cycle: selection, collection, data quality analysis, rectification, preparation, and then development specific to Data Science.

Business Analyst : he is a financial manager. He works closely with the accounting department. It analyzes a database of sales figures and projections. He is in charge of giving value to the numbers. He regularly conducts market research. He controls the financial and marketing mechanisms of his company in a meticulous manner. He evaluates the effectiveness and makes corrections if necessary.

Development of application solutions

Architect, designer, developer : the web architect creates and develops the technical schema of a mobile application or a website.
Upstream of the project, he chooses and validates the technical solutions. During the project, he corrects technical errors and bugs.

While the web designer is in charge of turning an idea into a design. He is responsible for integrating the best customer experience throughout the website.

Finally, the web developer takes care of the coding and programming so that the site or application is functional.

Integrator, validator, tester : he/she is in charge of designing test plans and integration test cases. He updates the test book. He participates in the tests and performs the analyses. Then, he reports to the project managers and validates the corrections.

Qualification engineer : guarantees product conformity and compliance with standards. It analyzes and verifies the dimensional and functional conformity of products and equipment. In addition, it proposes solutions to remedy the non-compliance.

Support engineer : his mission is to analyze and resolve anomalies. It identifies computer problems. He determines the technical recommendations that he communicates to the customers. He also takes care of explaining to them how to use a software.

Industrial computer engineer : he/she identifies automation opportunities in a company. He is responsible for the design, manufacturing and management of computer-aided production.

AMOA, Functional Consultant : he assists the MOA by putting his expertise to good use throughout the project to ensure its success.

DevOps : this approach aims at operational efficiency. It is the conciliation of two professions: the developer (Dev) and the systems and architecture administrator (ops).

Infrastructure / Production

System / network / security engineer

DBA: manages incidents and takes proactive actions regarding resource consumption and performance

Production engineer / analyst

Cybersecurity Project Manager : coordinates the various departments involved in the cybersecurity project. It carries out regular reporting. It ensures that contractual commitments are respected.

Information Systems Security Manager (ISS): contributes to the maintenance of the security control system in operational condition. He shares his governance expertise with the entire team.

Server engineering
Virtualization, architecture definition and administration under Unix, Linux and Windows systems.

Packaging of applications according to your needs, realization of masters, industrialized deployment of workstations.

Definition of the database architecture, administration, tuning (optimization of SQL queries).

Networks, telecoms & security
Definition of the network architecture, audits, administration, penetration tests to evaluate the network security.

Production engineering
Operating procedures, technical integration of applications, analysis of technical reports and improvements.

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