UX, UI and Design Thinking : what is it ?

Published on 28 October 2022



What do we find behind these terms ?


What is UX (User Experience) ? It is the experience a user has when interacting with any kind of device or service.

What is the UI (User Interface) ? This is the user interface design stage. The graphic design of the interface is at stake here. The UI designer works closely with the UX designer.


What is Design Thinking ? This is the user-centered approach and requires five steps :

  1. Empathize : understand who you are designing for.
  2. Define : synthesize these results and define a problem.
  3. Ideate : generate a large number of ideas to solve the problem.
  4. Prototype : build a prototype that people can interact with and iterate on.
  5. Testing : test the product with users to see what works and what doesn't, to use the feedback and to refine the concept.


The different phases of a UX project

A project with a UX component is composed of 4 main stages : discovery, definition, development and finally delivery.




Discover : market research (data, benchmark, etc.) and user research (interviews, surveys) to understand the future users of the product.

Define : creation of the different personae who will use the product by targeting their needs / pain points and user journey map (allows to detail the actions of these users to better target future features).

Develop : identification of new functionalities to be created then prototyping (creation of user flows and mockups)

Deliver : usability tests of the prototype, allowing to identify the points to be improved; then creation of the backlog and prioritization of it to develop the MVP (minimal viable product).


What is the purpose of UX ?

The UX design is nowadays preponderant in many projects. Indeed, it is used to study the behavior of target individuals (users) and thus propose answers and solutions adapted to their needs.

The benefits directly related to this approach are numerous, for example

  • A better SEO referencing
  • A better brand image
  • Shorter / optimized loading time
  • An excellent conversion rate

The goal is to work on the UX before developing an application or other project. This saves valuable resources such as time and money since the target is perfectly chosen and understood. For example, the site will be better designed and more fluid in its navigation, which will make theuser experience pleasant.
An ergonomic and pleasant site is a site to which one returns willingly. Thus, the conversion rate will be very good if the UX is good.



If you're looking for ways to increase your visibility and build customer loyalty through an ergonomic and enjoyable experience. This optimizes your development costs and your design time. You are in the right place ! Indeed, at Citech we accompany you on similar subjects.

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For more information, please visit the website of Carla Fischer, Product Owner on assignment for Citech.


Editing : Carla Fischer & Sophie Berbey.


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