Understanding the basics of IoT

Published on 16 August 2022

IoT-letters-blue-backgroundIoT stands for Internet of Things. Objects connected to the Internet allow for more developed and more efficient actions. There is a real cooperation between the physical and the digital world. These objects are the result of the rise of technology. Indeed, the development of NICTs and digital technology has led to increasingly advanced interaction techniques.


What is IoT ?

It is an interconnection system between the Internet and everyday objects. More and more objects are connected to the Internet. Take for example connected watches, connected bikes, light bulbs and many others. The ergonomics of the objects, the technology at its peak are there.

The IoT benefits several sectors of activity such as health (intelligent devices such as hearing aids), infrastructure (bridge monitoring) or automotive (connected vehicles).

The importance of IoT : what are the benefits ?

This allows information to be transmitted without human-to-human or human-to-computer communication. We notice a gain in time, speed and therefore efficiency. We like our daily life to be simplified and this is the case with connected objects. Being able to control everything from a terminal (smartphone, tablet, or computer) appeals to IoT consumers.

Furthermore, it allows for easy maintenance: the objects can automatically generate reports or self-diagnostics that allow to signal possible failures or malfunctions (e.g. low tire pressure signaled by integrated sensors) as well as reminders for updates.

But, they not only identify problems with their system, they also send the information to technical support and can fix the problem on their own, if possible.

How does the Internet of Things work ?

IoT works with very limited human intervention, the goal being that it is minimal or even zero. Objects are connected to the Internet in such a way that they receive and transmit useful information to a wireless network. We integrate a computer system adapted to each object. They work mainly with the Cloud, mobile technologies.

A major issue is data protection, privacy preservation and cybersecurity to limit the use of personal data by malicious persons. In the enterprise, IoT solutions help improve service, internal operations and therefore company performance.


In our Digital Factory, we deal with current digital issues such as IoT, we are committed to being at the forefront of technology. Our experts have a perfect command of their field of expertise and are able to offer you solutions adapted to your needs.

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