Open source : what is it really about ?

Published on 26 July 2022

sheet-open-sourceOpen Source has been a real success and has been popularized. Today, it is a full-fledged model that promotes values such as exchange, openness and collaboration. It is sometimes complicated to really perceive what this means. Our experts have taken their pens to explain to you what we are really talking about when we evoke the expression "Open Source".



Open Source : definition


Open Source is a software engineering method that aims at developing software or software components whose source code is public. They are distributed under a license that allows anyone to read, modify and redistribute the code. Therefore, they are computer programs that are freely accessible to everyone.

Moreover, this type of software is developed by a community of independent developers. It is thus realized in a collaborative, open and decentralized way.

However, there are foundations that can be responsible for the development of the software. It has become a real way of working, a development model that consists in collaborating to innovate and find new solutions.


What are the differences between Open Source software

and free software ?


These two expressions often lead to confusion. Indeed, we notice a difference although the access to the code is a common point.

Nevertheless, an Open Source software, depending on its license, does not impose the modification or the redistribution of the code.

Whereas free software emphasizes the freedom to use, modify and redistribute the software.


Why use open source software ?

There are several advantages to using this type of software :

  1. Better quality : a longer life span because within the community, expertise is pooled. In addition, developers are evolving software.
  2. Security : transparency increases security
  3. Flexibility
  4. Cost reduction

There are several Open Source software, here are some of them : Linux, MySQL or WordPress.

At Citech, we develop these softwares in our Digital Factory. For all these benefits and more, we offer our expertise to provide you with the best.

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